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GeForce GTX 660ti

NVIDIA commisioned this spot to advertise the release of its GeForce GTX 660ti graphics chipset: the budget version of its powerful GTX line of processors. It ran as a pre-roll video on the GameStation YouTube channel.

Requiring many hours of frame-by-frame tweaking, this is by far my favorite video to date. The client really liked the concept I pitched, though they were initially wary of all the rotoscoping involved. Everyone was really happy with the result, though. It was a real treat to be able to work with the great game footage, which NVIDIA did the work of tracking down.

Blue Coat ::
Guest WiFi

Blue Coat offers a wide variety of products to ensure corporate nework security. This short video servers as an introduction to their Guest WiFi offerings.

This was a fun piece to deign, storyboard, and produce. Everything came together quickly, and the work went smoothy in AfterEffects.

Addison Avenue ::
Introducing e2 banking services

This set of videos, just launched online (as of July 2009 at, are meant to give a quick overview of their new banking services to their existing customers - and anyone who might be interested in joining their credit union.

Really got to stretch my legs on this one: I worked on pre-production tasks serving as script editor and storyboard artist as well as contributing to research. I animated, and directed another animator through production as well (the versatile Lawrence Stansberry).

The Problem, The Solution

These videos are targeted at parents because statistics show that kids are most likely to wear their helmets incorrectly. The first video sets up the problem, the second video offers the solution.

This was another video project I wore many hats on: worked the shoot as FX director, directed photography. Executed the creative in Photoshop and AfterEffects, provided direction for assisting production artists. Helped select voice talent, provided direction during recording, and helped deliver and deploy the videos on the website - integrating DoubleClick tracking code into the video playback program.

Fujitsu ::
Daily Fuel

Fujitsu makes a very wide variety of consumer and enterprise computing products and decided to make a push to make that fact better known. The concept is a virtual coffee shop called Daily Fuel, and the regular customers all use Fujitsu computer products in some way. When you click on one of the four regulars, a video vignette appears and briefly tells their story. The videos you see above are those vignettes.

This was both a satisfying and frustrating job: I got to make a lot of creative decisions and found myself directing others with great confidence, but also found myself bogged down by a lack of pre-production work from the agencies. I cannot stress enough the importance of pre-planning on a project like this... it takes twice as long to wing it, as I found out.

The Dead Sleep ::

In 2008 I worked for my friends at R&R studios on their first feature film "The Dead Sleep" directed by R&R's own Vicky DeMey. It was an opportunity for R&R to put their editing and effects knowhow to work as they poured their efforts into this supernatural mystery story. In order for Vicky to achieve the look she wanted for some parts of the movie, some post production cleanup work had to be done, and that's where I came in.

I did cleanup and correction work, removing errant props from some shots, writing from paper in a few others, and inserting easter-egg details into some others. In the end it proved to be a rewarding endeavor and a fantastic learning experience.

BEA ::

As a holiday gift to the executives at HP, BEA decided to send gift baskets complete with digital picture frames pre-loaded with this video - a light-hearted takeoff on HP's 'hand' ad campaign. Of course they had a small budget and short timeline.

For this project I guided pre-production, produced the shoot, and handled all post production within their schedule - just two weeks. Editing, color correction, compositing and effects.

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital ::
Hop, Skip, and a Jump

The children's hospital has expanded to include a branch in San Jose to serve their south bay patients. They prepared a print and television campaign to make the announcement including this ad.

The film was shot on 16mm film I oversaw telecine, color correction, and edited the spot.

2007 Bronze Addy Award Winner, Silicon Valley AAF

EE Times ::
Ace Awards Introductory Video

For the 2006 Embedded Systems Conference, hosted by CMP and EE Times, we created this video as an introduction to their engineer's award show. We wanted to convey the sense of drama and wonder that truly inspired us when we thought of the problems tackled by the featured engineers.

Spansion ::
Day of IPO

For Spansion's IPO in December of 2005 we created a host of video and print assets to accompany the event. Posters and videos were put up in and around the NASDAQ building in Times Square, NYC. The big MASDAQ video display on the corner of the building played an animation custom made to fit between the windows on the display.

More pictures of the event here.