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Rae Systems makes air quality sensors that can be deployed in a wide variety of situations. These ads were aimed at emergency responders and people in the oil and gas production industry.

It feels good to do work on a product like this; that will potentially save lives.

Carl Zeiss Meditec::
Surgical scope illustrations

These illustrations were made as sales materials for Carl Zeiss Meditec's OPMI Pentaro neurosurgical binocular microscope. This model (top image) includes many imaging capabilities inside it's small housing which competetive products (bottom two images) require bulky attachments to achieve.

Commisioned by NIA Creative in PLeasanton CA, these are actually my first professional product illustrations. Though these probably took me twice as long to craft as a full time illustrator might take I am still quite pleased with the outcome, and Zeiss was too (which was the important part).


Sun Microsystems::
O2 Tour Poster concepts

In early 2008 Sun merged with MySQL. As an attempt to spread the word of their combined service offering, to win over skeptics in the open computing community, and to push their green computing agenda forward, the folks at Sun had the idea to take their message on the road. They were planning on making dozens of stops in cities around the world, and play it up like a rock tour. These were some concepts I produced for that tour. They were well recieved, though sadly the tour notion didn't last after they realized how much CO2 would be emitted by their around-the-world air travel.

I designed these poster concepts.

NEC Electronics America::
Idea-O-Matic Gate Array info wheel

A direct mail piece, this was directed at electronics engineers to give them an idea of the flexibility and affordability of NEC's Gate Array chips. The wheel functions as an idea reference as well as a production calendar, showing how long each particular model would take to produce from design to manufacture.

Ad for distributor catalog

This ad was one of the first to use Spansion's new branding and style guides. The clean color palette, simple shapes, and elegant type treatment are all aimed at communicating Spansion's status as a high quality brand.

Justin and Silvia McLeod::

My friends Justin and Silvia Mcleod got married December 22nd 2007. They asked me to design their wedding invitation and website and I was happy to oblige.

The design theme of this gate fold card was carrid through in the website, which was used by the bride and groom to manage their list of attendees, provide information about the Bay Area to guests, maps, and links to online gift registries.

Santa Marian Kamalin::
Patrina of Guam

According to legend, Santa Marian Kamalin arose from the sea on the back of a giant crab. She is the patron saint of Guam and the Marianas Islands in the Pacific. Every year reverent Islanders hold a festival in her honor, and this was a poster I made for one South Bay festival group.

This got a lot of appreciation from festival atendees, making this short job one of my most fulfilling.

While is now defunct, I still enjoy the ID made for the company. This concept is based on psotcard designs from the 50's and 60's. We were hoping to build an online store for scrabooking supplies, as well as build a community and online forum for avid scrapbookers to meet and share their work.


Rock band logo made for Restive Rock in Pittsbrugh PA.

Honu Ventures, LLC::
ID, letterhead

Complete Aquatic Solutions::
DE packaging

This package was for a product prototype. The product was diatomaceous earth packaged in poly-vynl alcohol bags that dissolve on contact with water. The packaging would make it easier, faster, and safer for pool owners to apply this harsh dessecant to swimming pool and hot tub filters.